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The Artificial Intelligence Megatrend is Triggering Rapid Industry Growth…and Massive Valuations

With its unique AI-powered platform, VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) offers investors smart exposure to one of the fastest-growing markets in history.


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The Artificial Intelligence Era has arrived…and in a big way.

At this very moment, a number of companies in the AI space are seeing explosive growth – and soaring valuations.

Since the beginning of this year – as you can see in the chart below – AI has become one of the fastest-growing megatrends in history.

Google Search Activity for the Term “AI”

We’ve already begun to learn how the transition to an AI-driven world will have a profound effect on our workplaces…our daily routines…and it’s likely to shift our entire economy.

And Wall Street has definitely taken notice.

It’s almost impossible not to, as the global Artificial Intelligence market size is projected to grow to US$1.59 trillion by 2030. 

This enormous AI megatrend, as you might imagine, is triggering significant opportunities for investors looking to cash in on this market’s rapid growth.

Within the past 12 months alone…

  • Chip designer Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) has seen an extraordinary surge in market value – closing with a valuation over $1 trillion for the first time in mid-June. This recent surge took place on the back of the AI boom and vaulted Nvidia to become the fifth most valuable U.S. company behind Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon.
  • Synthesia – a privately-owned company backed in part by Nvidia – recently saw a spike in valuation to $1 billion. Synthesia is a form of generative AI, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and allows people to make their own digital avatars to deliver corporate presentations or training videos…even in different languages.
  • C3.ai Inc. (NYSE: AI), a software as a service company that provides applications to develop, deploy and run enterprise-style AI applications, has seen its share price more than triple in 2023 – and watched its market cap soar to over $5 billion.

These companies have already seen rapid growth thanks to the emergence of the AI megatrend.

And right now one under-the-radar AI company – a fast-moving tech firm building a groundbreaking AI operating system platform – could be the next to offer individual investors a chance for potential windfall profits.

That company is VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF), a next-generation Artificial Intelligence software company with an outstanding future.

VERSES is a cognitive computing company specializing in next generation AI and developer of KOSM™, the world’s first network operating system for enabling distributed intelligence.

That operating system – and the company’s plans for sharing it – are just part of six key reasons why investors should pay close attention to VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) in the weeks ahead.


Why VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) Could Offer Investors Potential Windfall Profits in the Months Ahead

Key Reason #1:

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do everything…and the AI market is growing at astonishing speed.

From AI-generated writing and music to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence now stands poised to transform virtually every industry.

And now that AI is moving from a hypothetical to a daily reality, the growth in the AI market is underway.

Since December 2022, the number of AI users has grown from 1 million to 100 million – a staggering growth rate!

And when compared to the growth of other applications, AI – and the adoption of ChatGPT in particular – is blowing everyone else out of the water:

Already the Artificial Intelligence market is truly massive…and it’s growing at breakneck speed. This is a market with 12x growth projected over the next seven years, reaching $1.59 trillion by 2030.

For perspective on how impressive that growth is, compare it to the growth in the last major tech revolution: the smartphone app market.

The projected market size for AI looks to be more than double that of the mobile app market over the same forecast period:

As this market continues to evolve, VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) has emerged as an early leader in the space based, offering investors smart exposure to this market’s massive growth potential.

Key Reason #2:

VERSES appears to offer a rare “second chance” at a growth opportunity similar to Apple’s App Store.

VERSES is building the world’s first network operating system for enabling distributed intelligence.

But what exactly does that mean?

Here’s an easy way to think of it:

One of the smartest business models ever created was launched by Apple 15 years ago.

Instead of simply launching a product – and trying to sell iPhones with whatever mobile apps their team could develop – they created a platform…and they shared that platform.

This platform – a set of tools for developers to use to build apps – turned into a vehicle for creating trillions of dollars’ worth of value via the App Store.

Just a few years after Apple launched the iPhone – and its game-changing platform – we went from a world with zero apps to a world with millions of apps and millions of developers.

At this very moment, Artificial Intelligence is the new heart of the next generation of applications. These are applications that will be smarter than anything we’ve seen before…and will be capable of working with Internet of Things devices.

By making Artificial Intelligence easier to use – and democratizing it so that many different types of applications can be developed by users that are not just data scientists and AI PHDs – VERSES is opening up tremendous possibilities.

VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) is essentially building the first operating system for AI that allows for apps to be built and deployed easily…and sold in the company’s marketplace.

Simply put…VERSES is building the world’s first platform for AI-powered apps, known as KOSMOS.

And unlike Apple’s proprietary software, VERSES’ KOSMOS platform can interface with any software or hardware, allowing for potentially even faster growth.

VERSES AI’s new KOSMOS operating system appears poised to become the key infrastructure to build, run and sell AI applications moving forward.

Knowing what you’ve learned about just how much wealth was created – and quickly – in the mobile app space, do you really want to miss out on the potential for a similar growth story with AI?

Artificial Intelligence:

The Journey to a Thinking Machine

Key Reason #3:

VERSES is already applying artificial intelligence applications to real-world scenarios with great success.

Without getting too technical, VERSES’ KOSMOS offers an entirely new way to apply artificial intelligence applications to real-world scenarios.

KOSMOS allows for a digital world model that is both human- and machine-friendly and that AI’s can understand how to optimize against.

This powerful new platform helps create recommendations for optimization based on AI.

So, for example, in an industrial setting, it can advise how to route workers more successfully through a facility or which items to pack – and in which order – to route inventory…or what is the right approach to line up the trucks to pick up products at a port.

In the short-term think of applications like: optimization for smart warehouses…smart retail…smart ports…smart industrial environments.

And in the longer-term, this technology can help develop smarter applications for virtually anything.

VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) is already making this a reality in one important industry.

The global supply chain is a multi-trillion-dollar industry with a serious challenge: 90% of the warehouses have human workers that are essentially looking for a product in a warehouse that you ordered today and want to have at your house tomorrow.

And there can often be tremendous inefficiencies in how these products are stored, retrieved, packed and shipped.

Eliminating these inefficiencies would be an absolute game-changer for any company…and Artificial Intelligence is already making this a reality.

So…how is VERSES using its AI-driven technology to transform this industry and make a “smart warehouse”?

By digitizing the environment, locations and objects within each warehouse, the AI-driven technology has the power to dramatically improve warehouse efficiency.

VERSES developed an application called Wayfinder that can digitize a warehouse…and Wayfinder has quickly become the most intuitive app for empowering fulfillment professionals.

This app was first deployed via a partnership VERSES established with a NRI – a company with 1,000 employees spread across 16 different distribution centers.

How does Wayfinder work? Powered by advanced AI, visual navigation and multi-lingual audio clues, it essentially digitizes everything inside the warehouse.

In other words…Wayfinder has quickly become a sort-of WAZE for warehouse workers.

As this market continues to evolve, Verses AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) has emerged as an early leader in the space based, offering investors smart exposure to this market’s massive growth potential.

Key Reason #4:

VERSES appears poised for significant growth in both the short- and long-term.

As I just mentioned, VERSES AI’s first deployment of its Wayfinder application in the real world was a tremendous success.

But the 35% improvement in efficiency – and the $26.5 million contract from one partner – could be just the tip of the iceberg…and that’s a big part of what makes the VERSES story so appealing for investors.

Here’s what I mean:

The company is now working to build on its success in that first trial…to working in partnership with the largest warehouse management provider system in the world.

Blue Yonder is the world’s largest warehouse management provider. And Blue Yonder will now be integrating VERSES intelligence warehouse routing solutions into their platform and re-selling it to many of their customers.

So what could that mean for VERSES?

Having the world’s largest warehouse management provider acting as a re-seller for your proven, AI-driven app – one that has demonstrated it can improve warehouse efficiency by 35% or more – is potentially massive for VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF).

VERSES makes roughly US$2 million per year off their contract with NRI.

Right now more than 3,000 organizations all over the world use Blue Yonder to power their digital supply chains.

And many of the customers that Blue Yonder has are 10 to 100 times larger than NRI…so the potential contract size would be accordingly larger.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that VERSES is able to add between 10% and 20% of Blue Yonder’s customers within the first three years of the contract.

That could mean as many as 300 to 600 new clients…each potentially much larger than the $2 million-per-year contract VERSES currently receives from its initial trial client.

This means the Blue Yonder partnership could help deliver explosive growth potential for the company.

But here’s the part of the VERSES AI potential growth story that is so incredible:

We’re only talking at the moment about the growth associated with a single set of the company’s AI capabilities being employed in an industrial environment.

And VERSES quickly went from having essentially no knowledge of this warehouse management industry to working with the leader in the space and having that global leader re-selling VERSES solutions…all because of the power of the company’s AI-driven technology.

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many additional industries where VERSES Artificial Intelligence platform can potentially be disruptive.
There is still so much additional potential beyond what has been described as it relates to warehouse management.

The company’s longer-term growth potential appears likely to come from what it is currently building in the background: its software developer kit for KOSMOS.

This is similar to what all the app developers in the App Store or Google Play store are using to make smartphone applications.

It’s a kit that allows developers to access the capabilities of the operating system and allows them to building AI solutions into the current apps they have today and whatever apps they want to tomorrow.

That makes VERSES horizontal – and allows for the democratization of the AI operating system.

And by 2025, VERSES plans to launch its KOSMOS AI App Store…a first-of-its-kind app store for the sharing of powerful AI-driven apps, models, services and themes.

Key Reason #5:

VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) offers a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of AI.

For individual investors, many of the most attractive ways to invest directly in the Artificial Intelligence megatrend figures to remain “off-limits,” available only to Wall Street’s elite.

With many of the game-changing new technology that comes along, sometimes it feels like you need to be a venture capitalist in order to take advantage of the projected growth.

By the time key players in the industry are likely to be taken public, much of the real growth will have already happened…and the larger players will have already filled up on those gains.

But that’s not the case with VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF).

This is a company providing individual investors with an opportunity to stake their claim while this megatrend is still in its early stages…and before this company experiences the rapid potential growth we’ve discussed here.

VERSES AI Announces World’s First General Intelligence Agent

Earlier this year, VERSES AI announced a breaktrough in AI with the world’s first General Intelligent Agent, codenamed GIA™, (‘jee-yah’) designed to offer a new human-centered way for businesses and individuals to interact with technology.

GIA, a General Intelligent Agent, is a next-generation personal AI assistant that is designed to learn about its users in order to better organize, manage, and optimize their digital life. GIA, the smart interface to the digital world, is a voice and text-based digital assistant that operates under a user’s direction and on their behalf, searching, filtering, and summarizing information across multiple data sources.

With unique features like automating data organization, predictive reasoning, and the ability to learn over time, GIA is poised to become the first intelligent all-in-one solution for anyone seeking a smarter way to organize, manage, and automate their personal and professional activities.

“GIA marks a new milestone in cognitive computing with its ability to intelligently assist us in managing and optimizing our modern personal and professional lives and guiding us toward a healthier relationship with our technology; freeing us to focus on what matters most in life,” said Gabriel René, CEO of VERSES AI.

Key Reason #6:

VERSES AI is led by a group of successful technology veterans and advised by some of the world’s leading scientists.

VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) is led by an extremely deep team of technology veterans with decades of experience in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, robotics, VR/AR, enterprise software and global sales.


CEO Gabriel Rene and President Dan Mapes are founders of the company and are also co-authors of the #1 international best-selling book, The Spatial Web.

VERSES AI Leadership Team

In addition, the company’s Board of Directors includes Jay Samit, former Independent Vice Chairman of Deloitte. Mr. Samit is an international bestselling author, entrepreneur and leading expert on disruption and technology innovation.

And in December 2022, Dr. Karl Friston joined the team as Chief Scientist. Dr. Friston is one of the world’s leading and most cited scientists in the study of the brain and mind (i.e., Computational Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence).


VERSES AI (NEO: VERS); (OTCQX: VRSSF) offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in the early stages of the massive Artificial Intelligence megatrend. The company specializes in next generation AI and is the developer of KOSM, the world’s first network operating system for enabling distributed intelligence.

But this is not some hypothetical on a white board…VERSES AI has already deployed its technology successfully in the warehouse management space and secured a 10-year, $26.5 million contract with its initial partner. In addition, the company is now working with the world’s leading warehouse management provider who is acting as a re-seller of VERSES’ game-changing AI tools, offering significant short-term upside potential.


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