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Little-Known North American Gold Exploration Company Offers Intriguing High Upside Potential

Golden Cariboo Resources (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP) could be a fast-mover as the company appears to be in the right location …at the right time… with the right team in place

For those investors looking for upside in the junior gold exploration space, one under-the-radar company appears to have the potential to move quickly.

Golden Cariboo Resources (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP) is targeting a potential multimillion-ounce gold resource in a region with a 160-year mining and exploration history.

Breaking News: Golden Cariboo Acquires Claims Within the Area of Osisko Development’s Cariboo Gold Project

On March 3, 2023, Golden Cariboo Resources Ld. (TSXV: GCC) announced the acquisition of the RM1, Rainbow and YES properties, within the central area of Osisko Development’s Cariboo Gold Project and approximately 2.5 km from the planned mill site of their proposed 164k oz/yr Cariboo gold mine.

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But that’s only part of the story.

This is a unique, high-upside investment opportunity that is very much driven by location and management.

That’s because Golden Cariboo Resources’ Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property – which has been consolidated by Golden Cariboo’s team over the last 4 years – has a history of production dating all the way back to 1866.

And it’s right next door to the proposed 164k oz gold per year Cariboo Gold mine owned by Osisko Development Corp. (TSXV: ODV); (NYSE: ODV) that is targeted to move into production this year.

The team that is leading the way for Golden Cariboo Resources is part of the team that originally assembled and developed Osisko Development Corp.’s Cariboo Gold Project; and, is the very same team that originally discovered and put the Bonanza Ledge Mine into production.

And now that team is taking that same exploration model – and knowledge of the region’s geology – to drive success again with Golden Cariboo Resources (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP).

5 Critical Reasons Why Golden Cariboo Resources (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP) Looks to Be One of 2023’s Most Attractive Junior Gold Exploration Opportunities

Critical Reason #1: Golden Cariboo Resources’ flagship property has extraordinary potential.

The company’s Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property has a history of production…high-grade potential targets… the area has seen massive investments from the likes of Eric Sprott and other industry heavyweights… and is encircled by Osisko Development Corp., a half billion dollar market cap mining company.

The property is located 4 kilometres to the northeast of – and road accessible from – Hixon, in central British Columbia.

The property includes the Quesnel Quartz gold-silver deposit, which was discovered in 1865 in conjunction with placer mining activities and produced 2,048 tonnes grading 3.14 g/t Au and 4.18 g/t Ag in 1932 and 1939, with an additional 217 tonnes of unknown grade reported in 1878.

Hixon Creek, which dissects the Hixon Gold claims, is a placer creek which has seen limited, small-scale placer production since the mid 1860’s. From Ministry of Mines Reports prior to 1945, estimates of up to $2,000,000 worth of placer gold was mined from Hixon Creek.

The deposit model for the property is the orogenic type, consisting of gold bearing quartz veins and quartz-carbonate-pyrite replacement style mineralization such as at Osisko Development’s Cariboo Gold Project, centered 75 km to the southeast of the property.

The NI 43-101 compliant resource for the Cariboo Gold Project includes 21.4 million tonnes grading 4.6 g/t Au in the measured and indicated resource category, and 21.6 million tonnes grading 3.9 g/t Au in the inferred resource category, using a cut-off grade of 2.1 g/t Au (Beausoleil and Pelletier, 2020).

NOTE: The resource information is not necessarily indicative of the mineralization on the Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property

Historical exploration work on the Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property has included:

  • approximately 1250m of early underground development; prospecting, mapping and sampling,
  • a LiDAR and orthoimagery survey over the entire property in 2018,
  • a recent airborne magnetic and electromagnetic survey on adjacent ground which overlaps the Property area, and
  • 2863m of diamond drilling in 22 holes, much of which was completed prior to 1989.
  • Diamond drill results include: 5.72 g/t Au, 20.6 g/t Ag over 1.5m in DDH 83-1 and 6.75 g/t Au and 54.5 g/t Ag over 3m from DDH 07-1 from the Main zone and; 5.2 g/t Au over 2.75m in DDH 88-5 and 11.8 g/t Au and 12.9 g/t Ag over 1.5m in DDH 07-3 from the East zone.

Exploration activities by Golden Cariboo, from 2019 to August 2022, include 487m3 of excavation in 34 trenches and pits, a 268m NQ diamond drill hole at the North Hixon zone which targeted 9.8 g/t Au from local float and road construction and maintenance. A subsequent trench and drill program, was completed later in 2022, with results to be released when they are received.

Exploration plans for 2023 include:

  • a follow up drill program to commence in early spring to target several key zones, including the Koch Vein and the greenstone-schist contact,
  • Trenching along strike to the northwest of the Main and East zones and at the North Hixon showing due to potential and shallower overburden cover; trenching may also occur at the Cayenne and Pioneer showings depending on an initial evaluation,
  • regional to local detailed mapping and sampling of the property to include the Pioneer mine, Cayenne showing, the North Hixon showing and the Morrison-Hercules adit areas,
  • groundtruthing to verify and confirm specific key features identified during the LiDAR survey,
  • a differential GPS survey of 2019-2022 and historical drill and trench sites, pits, infrastructure and old workings (much was uncovered during 2019 trenching), to accurately locate them in order to guide future drilling.

Critical Reason #2: Golden Cariboo Resources (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP) is led by the same team that drove exploration success right next door.

In so many cases when it comes to success in the junior resource exploration space, the primary driving factor is the company’s leadership.

When evaluating any opportunity, you have to ask one important question: Do the people leading this team know what they’re doing?

In the case of Golden Cariboo Resources, the answer is not only “yes” – it’s also one of the company’s most impressive assets.


That’s because the Golden Cariboo Resources team is intimately familiar with the geology in this region, having led the development of the neighboring Golden Cariboo Gold Project which was subsequently acquired by Osisko Development Corp.

That experience led to significant discovery in the early 2000’s, small scale production in the 2010’s and ultimately what will become a 164k oz Au/year producing gold mine in 2023.

And now that same potential opportunity – in the same rocks – is presenting itself again.

What this successful team was able to accomplish in the early 2000’s and into the 2010’s – that those 1860’s miners were never able to achieve – was for the first time in 150 years, assemble a land package under one company’s ownership allowing for large-scale development and production.

And now they stand poised to leverage that experience and do it again, which is one reason why investors are beginning to take note of this high-upside opportunity.

Critical Reason #3: Location, location, location – the Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property is in an ideal spot.

The Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property has the potential for a multimillion-ounce gold resource that is in an exceptional location.

The property is a 100% owned, 3,814 hectare property covering a 10 kilometer east-west and 10 kilometer north-south trend within the historic Cariboo Mining District in British Columbia.

As mentioned earlier, the property is contiguous to Osisko Development Corp.’s mine that is slated to begin production this year…

And the Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property was one of the first underground mines in production in British Columbia back in 1866.

The property’s geology is in many ways analogous to the Abitibi Gold Belt, stretching from Wawa, Ontario to Val-d’Or Quebec, which has produced over 220 million ounces of gold.

NOTE: The production information is not necessarily indicative of the mineralization on the Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property

But here’s what is so unique about Golden Cariboo Resources’ (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP) property in British Columbia:

It’s surrounded on 3 sides by Osisko Development Corp.

Over the past 4 years, Golden Cariboo Resources has been consolidating this project – and now it is the only public company other than Osisko Development Corp. to solely own property in this region.

In terms of the geography, it is best described as a bookshelf where on one end of the bookshelf, Osisko Development Corp.’s project is heading into production…

And at the other end sits Golden Cariboo Resources’ Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property – in very similar rocks – with access to virtually all of the same infrastructure and resources.

Critical Reason #4: Golden Cariboo Resources (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP) appears to be significantly undervalued…for the time being.

Obviously there are many factors to consider when it comes to valuing the potential for a junior gold exploration company.

In the case of Golden Cariboo Resources – based on the potential gold in the ground alone – there appears to be an opportunity for investors to see high upside as the company’s property begins to attract more attention.

Take a look at neighboring Osisko Development Corp. (NYSE: ODV). The company currently has a market cap of CDN $468 million and its shares trade for around $6.

While Osisko Development Corp. has other projects in its portfolio in addition to its Cariboo Gold Project, that type of potential stands in stark comparison to where investors can buy shares of Golden Cariboo Resources right now.

With Golden Cariboo Resources (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP) trading at just under CDN $0.10 per share the upside potential is extraordinary.

Once the market begins to realize the potential for the company’s Quesnelle Gold Quartz Mine Property, there could be a rapid move in share price given the size of the company that sits right next door.

Speaking of which, that leads us to…

Critical Reason #5: Golden Cariboo Resources “checks all the boxes” for an attractive takeover target.

Investors should always consider the potential – particularly in the exploration space – that a company could be targeted as a buyout candidate by a larger company.

In the case of Golden Cariboo Resources (TSXV: GCC);(OTC: GCCFF);(WKN: A0RLEP), the company appears to check all the boxes as an attractive takeover target.

  • The company is in the right place – with a high-upside property located right next to a larger company that is headed for production.
  • They’re the only other game in town, as no other public companies solely own property that is surrounded by Osisko Development Corp. (TSXV: ODV); (NYSE: ODV)
  • And the company is led by the right team – including the very same experts who helped turn Osisko’s Cariboo Gold Project into a reality before they were ultimately bought out by Osisko for approximately $338MM Canadian back in 2016.

That history – and the high upside potential for Golden Cariboo’s Quesnelle Quartz Gold Mine Property – make the company a very intriguing takeover target…and that’s a scenario that could lead to a rapid change in valuation for those shareholders on board at the time.

Golden Cariboo Resources (GCC) Summary


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