Barbie’s Ken Doll Looks A Lot Different Now

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It was about time for Ken to get a makeover. Barbie’s boyfriend Ken has looked the same for a very long time and after awhile, you begin to wonder, does he never gain weight? Does he never change his hair?

Mattel, the maker behind the Barbie and Ken dolls, announced on Tuesday that they would be changing his look around. The company will be producing new versions of Ken and will include a “slim” and “broad” version. Ken will also have six new molded hairstyles (even a man bun) and seven skin tones to choose from.

The world’s largest toy maker’s “broad” Ken version will have a thicker build in his chest and wrists and the “slim” version will be smaller in these areas.

It was last year that Barbie had new versions come out, including a curvy and petite version, and activists had been wondering when would some variety be given to Ken. It was time for the toy maker to diversify, especially as the diversified Barbie last year added 7% to the company’s sales.

Senior vice president and general manager for Barbie, Lisa McKnight, commented, “By continuing to expand our product line, we are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation.”

“Evolving Ken was a natural evolution for the brand and allows girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbie’s world.”

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