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Little-Known Clean Technology Company Appears Poised for Significant Potential Growth

Progressive Planet Solutions (TSXV: PLAN); (OTC: ASHXF) is tapping into the power of ancient volcanos and material science to become a dominant and disruptive technology provider of eco-friendly solutions for agriculture, construction and industrial operations

This could be one of the most important – and smartest – investments you ever consider for yourself — and the Planet.

That’s because not only are profit-seeking investors smart to look for potential recession-proof businesses in today’s economic climate…

It’s also a wise idea to invest in companies pioneering disruptive, clean technology that can have a positive impact on the environment, including combatting climate change.

Progressive Planet Solutions (TSXV: PLAN); (OTC: ASHXF) is just such a company.

Progressive Planet has a unique supply of ash, minerals and other elements from southern British Columbia’s 3.5-million-year-old volcanic fields. From its C-Quester ™ Center for innovations it’s finding novel ways to use those volcanic elements to create new categories of products for:

  • Low-Carbon Cement. Using recycled glass, called PozGlass, Progressive Planet can reduce the carbon footprint of making cement by 50 per cent or more. Plans are in place to bring this innovation to commercial use in the $363-Billion cement industry.
  • Natural fertilizers, made from volcanic deposits, that will improve soil health to improve yields. This is vital for a planet that will soon have 10 billion people.
  • Waste mitigation. Using the diatomaceous earth around its volcanic deposits, it is creating natural products to absorb everything from oil spills to agricultural waste.
  • More than a dozen other innovations are also underway.

Best of all, Progressive Planet is a near recession-proof company.

While it carries out innovations to disrupt multi-billion dollars sectors like cement and natural fertilizers, its products are already being sold in more than 10,000 retail outlets in North America and globally.

The company has been developing these eveyday, recession-proof products in those markets dating all the way back to 1989.

Today, the company is gaining investor attention for its portfolio of proprietary CO2 sequestration products and solutions to help its customers live, farm and build more sustainably.

Progressive Planet Solutions surface extracts Diatomaceous Earth, Zeolite, and Bentonite Clay from their owned quarries.

Through the company’s state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Progressive Planet then transforms these rocks into innovative, high-margin sustainable products.

Three Growth Pillars Offer Key to Success for Progressive Planet Solutions, Inc. (TSXV: PLAN); (OTC: ASHXF)

What makes Progressive Planet so potentially attractive from an investment perspective is the company’s strategy of establishing three distinct growth pillars.

In February 2022, Progressive Planet acquired a Kamloops-based vertically integrated manufacturing business with a 30-year track record.

This has become Progressive Planet’s core business, as it manufactures and ships over 2.3 million products annually to every province and state across the United States and Canada.

Its products are in 10,000+ retail outlets in North America, providing revenue every day.

Progressive Planet uses this business’s existing in-house manufacturing capabilities, established product line-up, and distribution network for the purpose of accelerating the growth of its two high-upside proprietary technology ventures.

These include Progressive Planet’s game-changing chemical fertilizer replacement product line as well as its proprietary new technology threatening to disrupt the $363 billion-a-year cement industry.[i]

Progressive Planet’s stable, growing manufacturing business places the company on solid financial footing…and provides the necessary capital for the game-changing “blue sky” technology it is pioneering in cement replacement.

Here’s a quick look at how each of these growth pillars shapes up:

Growth Pillar #1: Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

In February 2022, Progressive Planet Solutions (TSXV: PLAN); (OTC: ASHXF) acquired a vertically integrated manufacturer with a 30-year track record.

This acquisition included manufacturing facilities in Kamloops, British Columbia, which has since become the company’s headquarters.

More importantly, it provided Progressive Planet with a strong and growing base of high-margin branded consumer products.

These products provide strong growth potential with the ability to double output with existing assets or grow to as much as 8 times output with investment.

The company focuses on high-margin branded products in new and existing distribution channels to increase revenues and margins in large addressable markets – including the cat litter space, which is a $1 billion industry and growing in Canada alone.

In addition, the acquisition of these products provided Progressive Planet with distribution access to more than 10,000 retail locations in every province and state throughout Canada and the U.S.

This distribution network includes some of the largest and most well-known suppliers and big-box retailers in North America.

Strategically, this is vitally important as it provides the company with easy access to retail shelves for new product launches.

The products in this growth pillar accounted for $5.4 million in revenue in Q4 2022 with a 32% margin.

The company expects its growth to continue as it increases margins and revenue, enters new distribution channels, and delivers product solutions utilizing the by-products of existing consumer products to mitigate and sequester harmful CO2 emissions.

Growth Pillar #2: High-Margin Chemical Fertilizer Replacement

The global fertilizer industry is currently worth US $182.2 billion and is projected to grow to US $254.87 billion by 2030.[i]

But right now the industry is dominated by synthetic-based fertilizers that incorporate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients.

These chemical fertilizers only mask the problem of degraded soil and lead to further land degradation. In fact, the U.N. estimates at this rate of soil degradation we have fewer than 60 harvests left.

So clearly…something needs to be done – and there are numerous social, regulatory and economic tailwinds fueling change.

Concern about the deteriorating soil quality brought on by excessive fertilizer use and its negative impacts on human health is already top of mind for policymakers, food companies and farmers.

And governments are setting aggressive targets – including the Canadian Federal Government’s national target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizer application by 30% by 2030.

Progressive Planet Solutions (TSXV: PLAN); (OTC: ASHXF) has leveraged its research and development activity to expand its operations to become a leading processor of micronized minerals and bespoke custom solutions for the natural and organic fertilizer industry.

The company’s AgTech products replace harmful chemicals with organic fertilizers that improve crop yields, soil moisture retention and carbon sequestration where soil better stores CO2.

The company is developing proprietary chemical fertilizer replacement products to be put into field trials in spring 2023 so that results and data from a full growing season of trials may be assessed this fall.

That would allow for full commercial launch of proprietary, tested products in spring 2024.

The vast majority of North America’s largest retail brands that Progressive Planet is currently partnered with already sell fertilizers. The company is now building upon those existing relationships, and working with those companies to develop the chemical-free fertilizer products their customers demand.

Growth Pillar #3: Disruptive, Proprietary Cement Tech

This third growth pillar is truly the most exciting part of the story for Progressive Planet Solutions (TSXV: PLAN); (OTC: ASHXF) .

The company has pioneered a proprietary, blue-sky technology that uses CO2 sequestration to turn post-consumer glass into a high-performance alternative to traditional cement.

The cement industry, of course, is absolutely massive…but it also accounts for a huge amount of the world’s carbon emissions.

In fact, if the $363 billion cement industry were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter in the world.

That means there is an undeniable opportunity for any company who can deliver a solution in the cement space that offers a lower carbon footprint.

And that’s precisely what Progressive Planet has done.

In July 2022, the company filed a patent application for its PozGlass 100G cement supplementary cementing material which is designed to replace up to 50% of cement.

Having received breakthrough initial test results, PozGlass 100G SCM is designed to dramatically reduce cement’s carbon footprint while increasing its performance.

In other words…Progressive Planet’s proprietary cement tech can deliver a stronger cement – with a much lower carbon footprint while diverting post-consumer glass from landfills.

This revolutionary supplementary cementing material uses 100% post-consumer glass, which is micronized to a fine powder and permanently sequesters CO2 through proprietary processes.

Progressive Planet’s proprietary technology is launching field trials in summer 2023 for product validation…and as those trials begin more will become aware of this product’s potential for disrupting the $363 billion-a-year cement industry.[iii]

Breaking News:
Progressive Planet Announces Multiple Agreements to Provide Next Generation, Eco-Friendly Regenerative Fertilizers

Progressive Planet recently announced it had signed joint development agreements with industry thought-leaders, Eco Health Industries Ltd. (“Eco Health”) and High Brix Manufacturing Inc. (“High Brix”) to develop three regenerative fertilizers that reduce the application of chemical nitrogen and other chemical fertilizers. Under these agreements, PLAN will own all intellectual property rights.

Progressive Planet Solutions is Led by a Strong, Experienced Management Team

Progressive Planet has a strong management team with a proven track record of success.

The company’s management team has a thorough understanding of each of its core industries and they are well-positioned to lead the company to success.

This experienced leadership team includes…

Stephen Harpur, CPA, CGA – Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Extensive experience in project management, corporate restructuring, R&D and applied research. Numerous products commercialized.

Ian Grant – Chief Operating Officer

Significant experience as a senior executive in the cement and concrete industry, focusing on driving green-innovation by bringing lower-carbon cement alternatives to market.

Peter Lacey – Director

Founder of Cervus Equipment Corporation which was sold to Brandt Tractor for $302M. Grew Cervus from nothing to 2020 revenue of $1.2B.

Steve Gurney – President of Progressive Planet Products

30 years of experience as a senior executive in industrial and farming product manufacturing

Chris Halsey-Brandt, CPA, CA, CBV – Chief Financial Officer

Former Partner at Blair Mackay Mynett Valuations Inc. a leading Vancouver-based valuation firm. Owns and operates a successful food processing business.

Dr. Roger Mah, PhD – VP of Research and Development

Deep experience in cleantech including carbon capture and sequestration. Co-inventor of carbon capture technology being tested in cement industry. Former CEO of ZoraMat Solutions

David Richardson – Advisor

David is a prolific inventor with over 20 patents. He is actively involved in ventures developing cutting edge technology in the green space, with a focus on building a better planet.

Investor’s Bottom Line:
Progressive Planet’s Disruptive Tech Innovation Provides Investors with Attractive Upside Potential

With 23 disruptive R&D projects ongoing, Progressive Planet’s world-class scientific team are producing and commercializing innovative products and tech dedicated to tackling the global challenges of climate change: soil degradation, emissions reduction, and contaminants impacting the environment.

The company’s collective innovation has already resulted in 32 products listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute, along with significant IP development, exclusivity agreements, and the granting of numerous patents.

Progressive Planet Solutions stands out as an especially attractive potential investment thanks in large part to the company’s strategy of establishing three distinct growth pillars.

This combination of a stable, growing business places the company on solid financial footing…and provides the necessary capital for the game-changing “blue sky” technology it is pioneering in cement replacement.

There is over $100 billion worth of unaddressed market in North America alone…and Progressive Planet Solutions, Inc. (TSXV: PLAN); (OTC: ASHXF) is confident that the company can grow and scale its proprietary technologies because making high-quality, sustainable, and innovative products is what the company already does every single day.

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