This Man Spent $9 Million On His License Plate

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They do things pretty ritzy in the United Arab Emirates, but even this is pushing it. One filthy rich man named Balwinder Sahani wont rest until his cars have license plates with just a single digit.

He had wanted a highly desired plate with the number 5 on it, that he ended up bidding 33 million dirhams (or $9 million) for it at a government auction this month. Last year Sahani spent $24.5 million dirhams (or $6.7 million) at a government auction to get a No. 9 plate.

He now has two single-digit plates on two of his six Rolls Royce cars.

You would think this is the most anybody has ever paid for a license plate, but nope. Another business man in Abu Dhabi set the record by paying $14 million in 2008.

There is one nice thing about spending this much money. According to Sahani, he believes the money he has spent will go to charity and toward improving the city’s infrastructure. This is because Dubai has no income tax.

“I believe in giving back,” he said. “This city has given me a lot.”