Microsoft’s New X-Box Is Unveiled

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It might only be June, but video game console makers are already getting ready to face off NEXT holiday season and gaming fans all over are eager and waiting.

Microsoft recently unveiled the new X-Box One and it comes in two versions.

A new, more compact version in white (40% smaller) called Xbox One S is launching in August. This box features an integrated power supply and up to 2TB of hard drive space; it comes with a new, redesigned version of the Xbox One controller, complete with textured handles for improved grip and increased wireless range. The price will start at $299.

The X-Box with the more powerful update will only arrive in Christmas of 2017 and it’s called Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio will support high definition virtual reality as well as games designed to exploit new 4K Ultra HD technology.

This will be the first major change to the console since its original launch in 2013. Rival Sony is also working on an updated PlayStation 4 console which will also offer 4K Ultra HD compatibility. Rumors speculate that the console is called PlayStation 4 Neo.
Xbox chief Phil Spencer declared that the new consoles are designed to ensure the lifespan of the machine beyond a single hardware generation.

“Now we see a whole new gaming landscape being driven by the unprecedented pace of innovation,” said Spencer. “While the console ecosystem is stronger than ever, most of us play games on more that one device – we want to deliver the choice to play the games you want on what you want, with who you want.”

Though a definitive price for Project Scorpio hasn’t been revealed, it’s not going to be marketed towards teenagers. It WILL cost a lot of money and targets the premium hardcore PC gaming crowd.