Jeep Just Unveiled a New Suv that Tops $111,000

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The long awaited Grand Wagoneer SUV from Jeep has been unveiled and it can come with a hefty price tag of $111,000.

The starting pricing for the large three-row SUV ranges from roughly $87,000 to $104,000 and a fully loaded model will top $111,000, according to Jeep.

The new SUV will be a sister vehicle to a less expensive vehicle called the Wagoneer, which will start at $57,995. Both SUVs go on sale later this year.

Both vehicles are the same size, but the Grand Wagoneer features a slightly different exterior design, as well as a more powerful engine and exclusive amenities inside.

“Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are born from Jeep, but their character is different than the rest of the brand,” Jeep CEO Christian Meunier stated ahead of the unveiling. “They are modern and forward-looking. There is a pure DNA we’re building on to make these products absolutely unique.”

The vehicle’s interior has premium materials such as Satin American Walnut wood, aluminum and Nappa or Palermo leather-trimmed, 24-way power seats.

“You can take this Grand Wagoneer interior up against anything in the marketplace,” said Jim Morrison, the head Jeep’s North American operations. “I’m not just saying any SUVs, you can take this up against anything in the marketplace.”

“Customer satisfaction with both the product and how they are treated throughout the entire purchase process is paramount to the entire Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer experience,” Meunier added.

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