Is A Tank The New Luxury For Rich People?

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There was a time when buying Hummers was the rich person’s way of saying.. “Hey, I’m rich.”

Today the new vehicle might be a tank. Yes, a tank.

The same kind of tanks you saw in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. The new luxury vehicle to buy is called the EV2.
Mike Howe is one of its makers and he calls it a “luxury, high-speed vehicle.”

“You hit a button and the gull-wing doors pop up just like a Lamborghini. Inside you have eight-way leather seats, reverse camera, cameras up top, state of the art tracks, state of the art suspension…” says Howe.

Howe and his twin brother Geoff are responsible for these luxurious tanks. They have been featured in movies like GI Joe 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road.

This new direction of selling their tanks to the luxury market could pay off big.. I mean what rich person doesn’t think bigger is better? You just need hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy one.