Instagram Star Withdrew $1.2 Million Just For This?

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When most of us are balancing our checkbooks by the penny and anxious about over-drafting, stock trader and entrepreneur Timothy Sykes is withdrawing $1.2 million to simply pose with it.

With nearly 700k followers on his Instagram, Sykes is known for posting lavish pictures of his lifestyle. Many of his pictures undoubtedly include him posing with big wads of cash.

Sykes, who amassed his fortune from trading penny stocks, assures that his lavish pictures are for visual motivation as Instagram is very visual. After posting a picture of a salad and receiving very little likes, he soon learned what social media really wants: pictures of money.

Before taking a photo of his money spread out all over a bed, he first piled the cool $1.2 million up onto a coffee table Jenga style, and then humorously knocked it over. After all, money is just a game for many people, isn’t it?

What could be better than these words of encouragement to bestow upon his Instagram followers? “Tim Sykes here. I got some cash to inspire you to study hard and work hard.”

Hurry and get those books open. You could one day be playing a game of Monopoly with all real money just to capture it on Instagram and inspire others.