Bentley Reports its Second Year of Record Sales

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While many automakers struggled in 2021, luxury carmaker Bentley was seeing the green.

This week the company reported its second consecutive year of record sales.

Bentley reported sales of 14,659 vehicles last year, a 31% increase over the company’s previous sales record of 11,206 cars and SUVs in 2020.

The Volkswagen-owned company attributed the record sales to new models, including hybrids, as well as the company’s “Beyond 100” business plan to pivot the famed carmaker to be fully electric by 2030.

“2021 was yet another year of unpredictability though I am delighted to be able to confirm that we overcame significant headwinds, and deliver a breakthrough in our sales performance,” Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark stated.

He added, “This is our second record sales year in the successive years and is a positive sign of our brand strength, operational excellence, strong global demand and affirmation of our strategic priorities.”

Sales in the Americas rose by 39% for the company and continued to be its top market in 2021.

Sales in China increased 40% while sales in other markets such as Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding China) and the Middle East also increased.

Bentley’s entry-level SUV, the Bentayga, starts at more than $180,000, while its exclusive “coachbuilt” models such as the Mulliner Bacalar sell for $2 million.

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