Amazon to Open a Real World Clothing Store

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Amazon has branched into many different arenas and now the tech giant has revealed that it wants to jump into the clothing store game.

The company will be opening a real-world clothing store that will have high-tech fitting rooms.

Amazon is launching an apparel store, called Amazon Style, the company announced Thursday.

The first location will be based in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, California, and will open later this year.

The stores will feature women’s and men’s apparel, shoes and accessories from a mix of well-known and emerging brands at affordable prices.

“You’ll find everything from the $10 basic to the designer jeans to the $400 timeless piece,” Simoina Vasen, managing director of Amazon Style, told CNBC. “We want to meet every budget and
every price point.”

At about 30,000 square feet, the retail space is around the size of a typical T.J. Maxx location, but smaller than the average department store.

Customers will be relying on their smartphone while they shop the store, using it to view additional colors and sizes, as well as notify store employees to put an item in their fitting room.

Amazon says it’s hoping to fix some of the pain points found in traditional retail stores, such as the fitting room, while cutting some of the clutter that can make sales floors look daunting and disorganized.

When shoppers walk into the store, they’ll see “display items,” featuring just one size and color of a particular product; the remaining inventory for each product will kept in the back of the store.

Customers will have to log into the Amazon app on a smartphone, they’ll scan a QR code on the item to view additional sizes, colors, product ratings and other information, such as personalized recommendations for similar items.

“This allows us to offer more selection without requiring customers to sift through racks to find that right color, size and fit,” Vasen said.

After scanning the QR code on an item, shoppers can click a button in the Amazon app to add the item to a fitting room or send it to a pickup counter.

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