Your Taste In Music May Help You Get A Job

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Today, when it’s very hard to land a job, one would never guess that a favorite “pump up” song could help them. Funny to think ACDC’s “TNT” could get someone up the corporate ladder.

Ana Recio, who is senior vice president of global recruiting at Salesforce, leads a global team of more than 350 people and also hires more than 8,000 people a year.

She has 20 years of hiring experience at tech companies like Salesforce and Yahoo! so her interview questions are pretty important.

Recio told Business Insider that she loves to start an interview by asking candidates: “What is your favorite pump up song, and why?”

“It may seem like just a fun icebreaker, but how they respond also allows you to get a deeper sense of them, and if they might be a good fit with your company’s culture,” she explains.

It’s how the candidate answers that lets Recio see a glimpse of their personality and their fit.

“Creating and maintaining a strong culture is a top priority for today’s companies that want to attract and retain the very best talent, and assessing culture fit is an important aspect of the interview process,” Recio says.