Your Alexa Can Now Sound Like Samuel L. Jackson

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Many fans of Samuel L. Jackson will be happy to learn that their Amazon Alexa can now sound like his voice.

Users can now activate their Alexa to talk like Jackson and it costs only $1 (plus tax) to activate it.

Jackson can read you the news, weather, answer questions, and so much more. To activate his voice, users can do it using Alexa on their Amazon Echo. Keep in mind that Jackson does not completely replace Alexa’s original voice.

The Samuel L. Jackson voice feature had been announced during Amazon’s big hardware event back in September, but it just rolled out this week.

To get started, say “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.”

Users will hear a 30-second introduction and then Alexa will say it costs $1 plus tax and if you’d like to buy the voice. Users should say “Yes.” Then they can choose whether they want explicit or clean language.

Users can say “Alexa, ask Samuel,” or “Alexa ask Sam Jackson” or “Alexa ask Samuel L. Jackson.”

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