Wu-Tang Clan, Bill Murray, And This Jerk

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Martin Shkreli’s face is one that is hard to forget. This happens when you raise the price of an important AIDS and cancer treatment drug overnight by 5,000%. Seriously, who does that?

What better way to poke fun at his stunts than by making a satirical musical about them? The stunt to be showcased in this particular musical revolves around Shkreli paying $2 million for a one of its kind Wu-Tang Clan album called Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Rumors are that he hasn’t even listened to it.

A crazy hoax started circulating the net shortly after he purchased the album, where per clause in the sale contract, active Wu-Tang members were allowed to team up with Bill Murray (yes, Bill Murray) and execute a “heist or caper” to win back the album.

Though none of that was true, the bogus theory became so big that some theater producers are turning the prospective heist into a musical entitled: “Martin Shkreli’s Game: How Bill Murray Joined the Wu-Tang Clan.” In the story, Shkreli wins the Wu-Tang album auction, and Bill Murray and Wu-Tang attempt a heist to reclaim it. It’s set to premiere at the Midtown International Theater Festival in NY this summer, beginning July 19.

Some of the songs include “I’m Martin F—kin’ Shkreli” and “Every Day’s The Same When You’re Bill Murray.”

It looks like Shkreli finds the musical amusing as he tweeted, “I will reluctantly star in and fund this new musical @shkrelisgame. Sorry all of you Broadway bros but my time is now.”