Ivanka Trump’s Dress Captured Major Attention

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Donald J. Trump’s wife Melania may have been under scrutiny for her speech, but his oldest daughter Ivanka was noted for another reason. Her dress.

Ivanka, the owner and CEO of a namesake fashion line, is also the executive vice president of the Trump Organization. She gave quite a speech at the Republican National Convention, all while promoting her own business because of her attire.

The sleeveless, light pink dress that she wore, is straight out of her own collection and retails for $138.

All of her fashion choices throughout the convention included a mixture of her own designs and those of others.

At another campaign event earlier in the week, she wore a floral Dolce & Gabbana skirt with a blue sweater, while on Thursday night, she wore a dress of her own. Awhite sleeveless floral sheath retailing for $158.