Washington Redskins Coach Exposes His Penis During Game

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It’s unhealthy to hold your urine in, so when you really have to go, you may just have to go where ever you are. That’s exactly what Washington Redskins coach Ben Kotwica did on Sunday when then the Redskins played Detroit.

With a cup, Kotwica went to the sidelines and relieved himself. Unfortunately, he didn’t cover up as well as he could have because a fan sitting behind the bench got a full look at his penis.

TMZ has stated, ” We reached out to the Redskins and a rep had no comment — however, one team source tells us sideline pee breaks happen “all the time” with players and coaches and they always try their best to be discreet.”

TMZ went on to say, “We’re also told Kotwica is NOT in trouble with the team and will not face any sort of discipline.”