Usain Bolt Makes History In The 2016 Olympics

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Much like his last name says, Usain Bolt has once again bolted to the finish line. He won gold in the men’s 100 meters on Sunday night in Rio in just 9.81 seconds.

His title of “World’s Fastest Man” is his, and his to stay it looks.

With this win, 6’5″ Bolt is now the first sprinter to win gold in the 100 meters in three consecutive Olympics.

The only one who gave him a run for the money was American Justin Gatlin. When asked what went through his mind as Gatlin sped down the track?

Bolt smiled at the question and said, “I told myself: ‘Listen, don’t panic. Take your time, chip away, and work your way back in.”

Bolt, who is a Jamaican sprinter, is regarded as the fastest person ever timed. He is also the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since fully automatic time became mandatory.