UFC Fighter Goes Crazy On Guys Who Jumped Him

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Maybe if they knew who he was, UFC fighter Nick Diaz wouldn’t have been jumped outside a Las Vegas night club.

The fighter was reportedly attacked by a group of men after leaving the bathroom of the Hyde nightclub inside the Bellagio.

According to TMZ he had bumped into a fellow partygoer. Diaz apologized but the man began to yell at him and was joined by three of his friends. They were in for a rude surprise when they decided to jump him.

“I didn’t start it. They didn’t know who I was,” Diaz told TMZ.

Diaz was able to take a couple of guys down quick by pounding them and putting them in choke holds.

33-year old Diaz suffered a gash on his head but was confirmed by the casino to be the victim. He has decided not to press charges.