Two Teens Found Dead Behind Pubix Market

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In what could be an episode of Law and Order, a teenage girl and boy were randomly found dead behind a suburban Atlanta Pubix grocery store.

A delivery driver discovered the bodies of Natalie Henderson, 17, of Roswell and Carter Davis, also 17, of Woodstock, right behind a Publix in Roswell, Georgia. The shopping center is located approximately 25 miles from downtown Atlanta.

The driver found the bodies early Monday morning, according to the Roswell Police Department.

“We don’t really have reason to believe they were killed elsewhere,” said Roswell Police Detective Zachary Frommer.

According to reports, Henderson was the ex-girlfriend of Davis.

“Given what the officers had on scene at that moment, it appeared to be a relationship-involved situation,” Frommer told the Roswell Patch. “This information can change quickly as evidence and information is gathered, but is only meant to be a starting point.”

The results of the teens’ autopsies have yet to be released.