Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Eats Only One Meal a Day

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It seems fasting has become quite popular. Celebrities, CEOs and regular people are adapting to intermittent fasting lifestyles for its promised health benefits.

One CEO who has made this way of life his way of life is Jack Dorsey, the leader of Twitter and Square.

It was last year that Dorsey revealed his “wellness” routine on a podcast where he said he only eats one meal a day and sometimes doesn’t eat all weekend.

At the time, Dorsey told podcast host Ben Greenfield that so-called intermittent fasting helps him focus and “has been a new dimension.”

This week Dorsey revealed to the Wired in an interview that he eats “seven meals every week, just dinner.” He now eats on weekends.

He told Wired in an interview posted on YouTube, which likely means Dorsey is no longer skipping food on weekends.

Dorsey says his dinner is “a really big meal” that consists of protein like fish, chicken or steak, and “a lot of greens,” including arugula or spinach salad, asparagus or Brussels sprouts.”

Dorsey also told Wired he tries to meditate for two hours every day. He follows an ancient form of meditation called “vipassana.” In 2018 he said it was “extremely painful and demanding physical and mental work.”

Vipassana requires that people sit cross-legged for 30 to 45 minutes without moving. Dorsey once tweeted, “[I]nstead of unconsciously reacting to feelings of pain or pleasure, consciously observe that all pain and pleasure aren’t permanent, and will ultimately pass and dissolve away.”

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