Transgender Star Alexis Arquette Passes Away At 47

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Alexis Arquette, the sister (formerly brother) of David Arquette and Patricia Arquette, passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 47 surrounded by her family and listening to David Bowie. The cause of death has not yet been revealed.

Arquette mae her breakout in Down And Out in Beverly Hills in 1986 and went on to play role in Pulp Fiction and as a Boy George impersonator in The Wedding Singer. She also appeared on the hit television shows Friends and Californication.

Alexis, was a part of the famous Arquette family. Her siblings were Rosanna Arquette, Richmond Arquette, Patricia Arquette, and David Arquette.

Richmond confirmed the news on Facebook with a press release written by Patricia.

The release read: “Despite the fact that there are few parts for trans actors, she refused to play roles that were demeaning or stereotypical.

“She was a vanguard in the fight for understanding and acceptance for all trans people.”

“She fiercely lived her reality in a world where it is dangerous to be a trans person – a world largely unready to accept differences among human beings, and where there is still the ugliness of violence and hostility towards people that we may not understand.”

Alexis Arquette also appeared in a documentary about transitioning to becoming a woman in 2006 called, Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother.

Boy George tweeted: “R.I.P my sister Alexis Arquette. Another bright light gone out far too soon. Love to the family and all that loved Alexis.”