Tiger Wood’s Toxicology Report From his Arrest is Out

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It was an eventful Memorial Day for Tiger Woods this year when he was arrested in Florida.

Woods was found sleeping in his vehicle in Jupiter, Florida in the early morning. While there was no property damage, and he did not test positive for alochol, his speech was slurred. He told the police that he had taken Vicodin and had a prescription for Xanax.

The pro golfer’s toxicology report has been released and several things were found in his system from that day. Woods had hydrocodone as well as hydromorphone, an alprazolam, an anxiety medicine, zolpidem, an insomnia medicine, and THC, the active ingredient found in marijuana.

Woods later said in a statement that he was undergoing treatment for prescription drugs. He will be on probation for a year but the DWI charges have been dropped.

The golfer had back surgery before the incident and has not been in a tournament since February.