There’s a $2,500 Trump and Putin Designed Phone

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Well it doesn’t seem likely that many people are going to be running to buy one of these, but you never know.

Cavier Royal Gift is a company that is selling a Nokia 3310 cell phone that celebrates Trump and Putin meeting at the G20 summit. The special edition phone is selling for $149,000 Russian Rubles, or about $2,500 in American dollars. The Nokia 3310 just by itself is worth around $55 so you’re basically making over $2,400 for the design.

The phone comes with a plaque on the back that has the date of their meeting and the location. For those of you who don’t know, it’s July 7th 2017 and in Hamburg Germany.

According to Cavier, the phone also features “hardened titanium with a pattern of “Damascus steel” to represent the “principle and hardness necessary for the protection of justice.”

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