The Kardashian Sisters Are Telling Blac Chyna She Can’t Do This

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Angela Renee White, also known as Blac Chyna, and better known for being Rob Kardashian’s fiance and baby mama, has requested to trademark her name as “Angela Renee Kardashian.”

The 28 year old filed to legally trademark her name while she works in entertainment and on her social media. The three Kardashian sisters aren’t having it though. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian through their companies have opposed the request.

According to documents previously obtained by PEOPLE, the Kardashian sisters’ companies claim that they will “suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill” if Chyna takes the Kardashian name.

Chyna’s lawyer Walter Mosley exclusively told PEOPLE that of the “many trademarks” he’s filed for her, “this is the first one that’s ever been opposed.”

“The Kardashians, like Angela and my other clients are very protective of our marks, I think for us this is going to be a clear case win, because it’s actually her name, it’s not a poaching. I would hope that this is just a junior lawyer’s error, who’s just responding to everything and not really looking at who it’s from or why it was filed. There’s a softer side of this where Angela has to have a conversation with her family. But until I hear otherwise, I’m just going to proceed as I normally would with a lawsuit. I have 40 days to respond,” said Mosley.