Teen Sues Over People Hating On His Hairstyle

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Ali Mosslmani of Australia, decided to get a new haircut. A mullet with a tweek. Shaved on the sides and on top, but long hair flowing in the back.

Of course people paid attention to a hair cut like this, but Mosslmani is not happy.

Over this past summer, the teen received more than 11,415 comments and almost 10,000 likes. He also had more than 1.7 million views within a week.

With this much internet attention, surely he didn’t think he could escaped being made into a meme?

His head was made into a game of pin the tail on the donkey as well as a My Little Pony ad.

Mosslamni has filed defamation suits against the Daily Mail, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and the Australian Radio Network for publishing the photograph and making fun of the haircut.

His suits claim that the outlets defamed him through a series of memes, Photoshopping “pictures of the plaintiff … on Mount Rushmore, on a dollar bill, as ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ and as a horse.” This is according to the legal records.

According to Mosslmani, coverage from the three outlets were defamatory by implying that he was a “ridiculous person” whose haircut was “controversial,” “silly,” and “hideously ugly.” Ouch.

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