Shark Attacks NFL Hall Of Famer

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This story might just prove that karma does in fact exist. Warren Sapp, a retired defensive tackle who was charged with three counts of domestic violence last year (he bit the finger of his then girl-friend, among other things) got a nice surprise while lobstering. A shark of a surprise.

Sapp was on a charter and was diving for lobster off the Florida Keys. A shark had wanted that same lobster but settled for a piece of Sapp instead.

Sapp told Tampa Bay Times reporter Greg Auman exactly what happened. “I was sticking my hand in a hole and a monster locked on me,” Sapp said. “You’ve got to be careful sticking your hand in some holes down here. It went past the white meat, up to the gristle.”

“It was me and the shark, one on one,” he said. “Then he put those razor sharp teeth in me and I knew who was the boss. Holy smokes. I snapped my arm, spit the respirator out and went for the surface.”

The boat crew wrapped his arm in duct tape and they finished the expedition.

Boat captain Jack Carlson posted a photo of Sapp’s injury on Instagram:


Seriously, one must be careful next time when sticking their hand into holes.