Robots Could Be Taking Over This Many Jobs Soon

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Automation has been a topic of much discussion in recent years and has left many alarmed that their jobs could be sacrificed to robots.

Machines, robots, artificial intelligence, are all making many jobs at risk of dying out.

A new report from McKinsey doesn’t help people’s fears considering that the report has revealed that right now, 51% of job activities could be automated with “currently demonstrated” technology.

Now this clearly doesn’t say jobs, but job activities. These job tasks include repetitive physical labor and tasks in retail, food service, and manufacturing. If these tasks were to be taken over by automation, it could mean $2.7 trillion in wages.

“Our analysis of automation potential also suggests that many occupations could be partially automated before they are fully automated,” the report says.

“Especially for low-skill workers, this process could depress wages unless demand grows,” the study found.