Rick Ross Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore

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Notable rapper Rick Ross who once tipped the scale at 350 lbs, has dropped 75 lbs and counting.


Ross, who suffered multiple seizures in 2011, has changed his lifestyle for the better and discussed his weight loss in the newest issue of Men’s Health magazine.

The 40-year old revealed that he’s a new man. “I’m happy,” Ross told the magazine. “I’m still losing weight, and now I’m starting to build hard muscle in places.”

How did he do it? He exercises with friends and even created his own version of Cross Fit, calling it Ross Fit, and does it four days a week. He also has a personal chef and practices portion control. He still treats himself but only allows treats from Wingstop and Checkers one or twice a week, and between the hours of noon and 5 p.m.

Ross’s advice for others interested in losing weight is to “not make it feel like a job.”