Paris Jackson Reaches Out To Cory Feldman Over Bullying

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Corey Feldman is attempting to break into a singing career and a lot of people haven’t been too nice about it. The actor-turned-singer, performed his new song Go 4 It on the Today Show earlier this month.

The reactions to the song weren’t pleasant and even left Corey openly crying in a Facebook Live post that has since been deleted.

Following his performance, Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, reached out to Corey to show her support. She wrote, “@Corey_Feldman anything you do that makes u happy, people are going to hate on it.. but if you’re happy then it doesn’t matter. hope ur well.”

Corey responded with, “@ParisJackson U don’t deserve ANY of (the bullying)! I hope 1 day we can talk, as Id LOVE 2 tell U + things about your father when he was a young man.”

On September 16th, Paris Jackson had explained in a video rant on Instagram that she attempted suicide when she was younger because the abuse she received online became too much.

Why are people so mean?