Nintendo Just Sold Nearly 200,000 Of These In The Last Month

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According to industry tracker NPD Group, Nintendo has sold 196,000 units of its NES Classic Edition in the U.S., since its launch on November 11th.

This could be a brand new revenue stream for the company as the mini version of its 80’s gaming console is proving to be a big hit. The original console debuted in 1985 in North America and sold 61 million units worldwide.

Many retailers have been selling out of the miniature version of the product.

According to Steve Bailey, senior games analyst for IHS Technology, “NES Classic Mini has stood out for the quality of its realisation and the extent of catalogue it carries, and I think there’s certainly more room to be explored on this front, for other platforms, and other console generations.”

“The NES Classic Mini, while far from comprehensive in its catalogue, does cover the bulk of cachet, when it comes to Nintendo’s 8-bit IP. I imagine that for many who were sufficiently fond of the NES to want to buy a Classic Mini, its content is near-enough definitive.”

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