Mark Burnett Addresses Trump’s Un-aired Footage From The Apprentice

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Mark Burnett is the man who created MGM, and The Apprentice, the show that launched Donald Trump into reality TV success. He also owns the right to the franchise and will not be releasing any un-aired footage.

According to a joint statement released to ET, on behalf of MGM and Mark Burnett, Burnett does not have the right to release said materials, whether he wanted to or not.

The statement said, “MGM owns Mark Burnett’s production company and The Apprentice is one of its properties. Despite reports to the contrary, Mark Burnett does not have the ability nor the right to release footage or other material from The Apprentice.”

“Various contractual and legal requirements also restrict MGM’s ability to release such material.”

Since the leak of a 2005 conversation that took place between Donald Trump and Billy Bush, many have called for Burnett to make unaired Apprentice footage available for review.

The statement has also pointed out that Burnett’s refusal to release the desired materials is not motivated by politics, explaining, “To be clear, as previously reported in the press, which Mark Burnett has confirmed, he has consistently supported Democratic campaigns.”

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