Man Shot To Death While Playing Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go has taken over America and many are out on the streets combing for the creatures with their phones.

This past weekend, one Pokemon Go player met his demise while playing the game in a San Francisco park.

According to authorities, 20-year-old Calvin Riley and a friend were playing the game in the Fisherman’s Wharf area, along San Francisco’s waterfront, when Riley was shot.

According to family and friends, Riley was randomly targeted, and there was no confrontation before the attack.

A family friend John Kirby, told KGO-TV. “There was nothing said back and forth. It was just senseless, just came up and shot in the back and ran away for nothing.”

Kirby said that Riley and his friend saw someone watching them from the top of a hill, but they were playing the game, so they were absorbed in their cellphones.

“Then when the friend came around a corner he heard a gunshot, saw his friend fall, and whoever did it ran away and possibly got into a car,” Kirby told KGO-TV said.

Riley had played college baseball and dreamed of one day playing in the major leagues.