Man Punches A Kangaroo To Rescue His Dog

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If you don’t live down under, you may not have any idea how dangerous kangaroos are. They have sharp claws and very strong arms as well as powerful legs.

A video has been going viral in the last week featuring a man and a kangaroo going at it. Although the kangaroo doesn’t get any punches in, his reaction to being hit has had the internet laughing.

The video, which was made on June 15th but only posted to YouTube on Sunday, features a group of hunters hunting for wild boar in Australia. They hear their hunting dogs on the trail and find one in a strangle hold by a kangaroo.

The hunter jumps from his jeep and runs to the kangaroo to rescue his dog. You can see the 6’7″ hunter run up to the kangaroo and the dog struggling to get free. The kangaroo finally lets go of the dog and gets into boxing position with its owner.

The hunter delivers a powerful right hook which leaves the kangaroo standing, but shocked. His face is priceless. The kangaroo then hops away in defeat.

You can watch the video for yourself here: