Man Beheads Guy Who Allegedly Raped His Girlfriend

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A guy from Minnesota does not just sit around when he thinks someone raped his girlfriend. Joseph Christen Thoreseon is facing a murder charge for allegedly beating and decapitating a man he believed raped his girl.

According to a criminal complaint, he beat David Haiman with a baseball bat, stabbed him, and used a machete to decapitate him as Haiman was groaning on the ground. Thoresen then dragged Haiman’s torso and threw his head into the woods.

It’s worth nothing that the complaing also said the girlfriend told police that the group had smoked meth before the attack.
She also told police that when she learned Haiman was coming to the couple’s Grand Rapids apartment, she became upset and told Thoresen that Haiman had sexually assaulted her.

Thoresen, 35, made his initial appearance Wednesday on a murder charge in Itasca County District Court and remained in custody.