Malia Obama Was Caught Doing This At Lollapalooza

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18-year old first daughter Malia Obama may be the President’s daughter but she’s also just a teenager who just graduated high school and is entitled to some fun. She’s planning on taking a gap year before she starts Harvard next year.

Malia recently attended the annual music fest Lollapalooza in Chicago, and was caught twerking on video. Lollapalooza is a pretty big event that probably had her Secret Service agents ridden with anxiety watching over her. At last year’s Lollapalooza, there were 34 arrests and over 200 people had been sent to the hospital.

Malia stayed safe and was caught on camera not only twerking but flipping up the shirt she had tied around her waist (not enough to flash but just enough to show her short shorts) with her girlfriends during the Mac Miller concert. You can see the video here: