Last Night’s Walking Dead Premiere Was Insane

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Fans of The Walking Dead waited six months for Sunday night’s season 7 premiere. Season 6 had ended with a cliff hanger, revealing that one of Rick’s gang was going to meet their fate.

Fan never would have guessed that it wouldn’t be one, but two revered and loved cast members leaving the show last night.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as the villain Negan, and boy does he nail it. He has to be one of the most hated characters on television right now.

With a barbed wire bat, named Lucy, Negan goes to town first on Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and smashes him to death. While everyone watching is reeling over his death, it is just moments later that Negan decides to take out Glenn (Steven Yeun) as well.

Yes, Glenn. The character who has avoided being killed in so many seasons, couldn’t avoid it in this new season. Many fans did suspect it would be Glenn as Negan killed him in the comics earlier on.

It was just a very unfortunate way to send off a cast member who fans have become close to since season 1. Not to mention that his wife Maggie (Lauren Cohen) is pregnant with his child, and has already suffered enough losses, including her father and her sister. Couldn’t have Glenn had a more brave exit?

His death was even more emotional because of his last words to Maggie, “I will find you.”

With a premiere like this, it’s safe to say that season 7 might be one crazy ride.