Kim Kardashian’s Robbery Was Real And Suspects Have been Identified

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Although the police investigation into Kim Kardashian West’s robbery at gun point is still ongoing, new details have comeforth. It was on October 3rd last year that Kardashian was robbed of millions of dollars of jewelry by masked men during Paris Fashion Week.

French network TF1/LCI said that 17 suspects were arrested on Monday in connection with the robbery. Some have even confessed that they were involved. According to TF1/LCI, the report states that there were six men in total, five robbers ranging in age from 54 to 72, and an accomplice, who is the son of one of the five robbers.

Apparently several of those arrested are known by French authorities for previous crimes including diamond theft and cocaine.

Kardashian’s chauffeur Gary M. is also in custody. His brother Michael, who was reportedly her driver throughout Paris Fashion Week, was released Tuesday night and is not being charged.

A source familiar with the situation told PEOPLE that while Kim is thankful that progress has been made by authorities, “she gets very upset anytime she talks about the robbery” and “just wants to move on from it.”