Kim Kardashian Gets Heartbreaking News From Her Doctor

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We have bombs going off in Russia, but it wouldn’t be a regular news day if Kim Kardashian didn’t make one headline.
This time her uterus is the subject of her latest woes.

Kim Kardashian made it vocal in the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she wants to have a third baby with rapper and husband Kanye West.

The couple are already parents to a daughter named North and a son named Saint.

Her family as well as her doctor were not so thrilled about her latest desire as it could be very risky for the reality star.

Kim has had two pregnancies that were both complicated and another one could lead to some serious health complications. Her own doctors have advised her against it.

Kim decided to undergo a surgery regardless, one that would prepare her uterus for pregnancy. The procedure, which was painful, had complications with her bladder during the surgery that left Kim using a catheter. The surgery also didn’t give her the result she had been hoping for and her doctor has advised her to never carry a child again.

It’s not easy for any mother to find out she may not have kids again, or for a woman who doesn’t even have children, but at least Kim and Kanye have two healthy children already.

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