Justin Bieber and Skrillex Are Not Sorry

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A lawsuit filed by artist Casey Dienel was filed last week claiming that Justin Bieber and Skrillex stole a loop from her song to use in their 2015 single, Sorry.

Dienel, who is also known as White Hinterland, is claiming that Skrillex and Bieber used her vocal loop from a 2014 song called Ring the Bell. They used the loop without permission for their track, Sorry. She reportedly claims that the “unique characteristics of the female vocal riff” have been copied.

Sorry has been streamed more than 6.5m times on Spotify, while Ring the Bell has streamed only 500,000 times.

On Friday Skrillex issued a response to the allegation by tweeting, ““SORRY but we didn’t steal this.” The artist also added a video which showed how the section of the song was produced. Bieber then retweeted him, adding the hashtag “#wedontsteal”.

Sorry was written by both Bieber and Skrillex as well as Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and Michael Tucker. All five individuals are included in the lawsuit.

US DJ Diplo, who has worked with Bieber and Skrillex on the Jack Ü project, told TMZ: “I thought they sampled it, but I thought they cleared it. I’m sure they’ll work out a deal with her. They don’t want to go to court with it.”