Gunman Takes Hostages At Movie Theater Shooting

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While the democrats in the U.S were sitting for gun-control, a masked gunman entered a movie theater in Germany and took hostages before being killed by police.

According to Hesse Interior Minister Peter Beuth, he entered the cinema in Viernheim shortly before 3 P.M.

Conflicting reports mentioned 25 people being injured initially, but did not mention if they were shot or injured in another way.

After the ordeal ended, a Viernheim police spokesman told CNN that no one was injured by gunfire aside from the attacker.

Officials are looking into the possibility that tear gas might have caused some of the injuries, said a spokeswoman for the US. Embassy in Germany.

Police received reports of four shots fired and at one point, the assailant took hostages. The reason remains unclear.

“There were hostages in the vicinity of the individual. It was at this point that he was fatally shot by special forces,” Beuth said. “I have no knowledge that anyone else was harmed.”

German police had been repeatedly warned that an attack targeted by ISIS could happen in the country.