Georgia Woman Sues The Ellen Show Over This Joke

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While many people who sue big celebrities and talk shows are just boobs looking for fast money, Titi Pierce may not be one of them.

Georgia real estate agent Titi (pronounced TEE’-tee) Pierce is suing the producer of the “The Ellen DeGenere Show” after they mispronounced her ame to make a joke about breasts.

Pierce alleges in the lawsuit filed against Warner Bros that DeGeneres displayed one of Pierce’s real estate signs during the Feb. 22 show that was rerun April 15. It says DeGeneres led into the joke about Pierce’s name after showing a sign for the unrelated Nipple Convalescent Home.

The lawsuit claims invasion of privacy, defamation and emotional distress and seeks unspecified monetary damages. The suit also says the sign included Pierce’s cellphone number and Pierce was subjected to “ridiculing and harassing” phone calls.