Florida Teen Murders Couple And Tries To Eat Them

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Another face eater from Florida? What’s with this state?

19-year old Florida State University fraternity brother Austin Harrouff not only stabbed a couple to death, but tried eating one of their faces.

Harrouff had allegedly stabbed a married couple to death on Monday and was found trying to bite off chunks of the man’s face according to Martin County Sheriff William Snyder who told PEOPLE.

The victims were John Joseph Stevens III, 59, and 53-year-old Michelle Karen Mishcon.

“What pushed our Florida State student into this? We do not know,” Snyder said at a Tuesday press conference after identifying the man.

Sythentic drug Flakka has been a guess.

“The suspect was on top of our victim, clutching him in a bear hug and biting him in the face.”

“[The deputy] shot him with a taser … that didn’t work,” he says. “Another deputy got there, two deputies, and they engaged the suspect and they said they used every bit of strength they had.”

“It was an impossible task to get him off of the victim. And another officer from a nearby municipality arrived and deployed a dog on him to try to get him off. Then finally, after minutes of fighting, they were able to get the offender off of the victim, but the victim was dead.”