Erin Andrews Stalker Must Pay Her $28 Million

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While Erin Andrews might be feeling victorious over a jury’s decision that Michael David Barrett pay her $28 million, one must wonder if she will ever see the money.

Barrett secretly filmed Erin Andrews in a Nashville hotel room through a peephole in 2008. He has served two years in prison after pleading guilty to interstate talking Andrews in 2009 and had also filed for bankruptcy in his home town of Oregon in 2012.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Judge Trish Brown of the U.S. Bankruptcy court in Oregon ruled that the damages owed by Michael David Barrett are “non-dischargeable.” He was ordered to pay 51 percent of the $55 million awarded to Andrews in damages in March. The remaining 49 percent of the money coming to Andrews was assigned to be paid by West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital, the two companies that operate the Nashville Marriott.

Sports Illustrated legal analyst Michael McCann wrote in an email to PEOPLE that “Andrews will likely never recover more than a tiny amount of the money Barrett owes her.”

According to McCann,“This is one of the limitations of civil judgements, particularly those for substantial amounts of money: Successful plaintiffs may never recover what they are owed.”