Edward Snowden Tweets A Cryptic Message

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Could Edward Snowdens biography finally be on the way?

The former NSA agent and whistleblower wrote a post on Twitter on August 3rd that has sparked a lot of curiosity.

Snowden’s post simply said, “It’s time,” and he tagged journalist Barton Gellman. Gellman is currently writing about Snowden’s experiences working in the intelligence community.

Gellman also wrote: “I am digitally signing this message for people who like to be extra careful. After three years of writing about the NSA and Ed Snowden, I am one of those people too. I’m writing a book for Penguin Press called DARK MIRROR: Edward Snowden and the American Surveillance State. I want to hear from anyone who has first-hand information on either. It need not be some deep dark secret. I’m interested in your observations about Snowden’s work and work habits at CIA, Dell, NSA and Booz; or his time in the Army; or in computer training courses; or the surveillance programs and practices he described,”
Snowden has recently been fairly active on Twitter and has butted heads over the DNC email leaks. He recently posted a series of tweets pointing out that the NSA would likely know if Russia was involved in the hack.

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