Donald Trump Fired An Apprentice Contestant Over This

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Maria Kanellis, a professional wrestler and former WWE personality, was a contestant on the Apprentice in 2010.She was fired by Donald Trump for what he considered “locker room” talk. Isn’t this the same excuse he used for his sexual remarks on women in a 2005 video?

So what exactly did Kanellis say that the Republican candidate for president deemed as “locker room” talk? Kanellis had said that fellow contestant, celebrity chef Curtis Stone, used the women’s dressing room to relieve himself and “left a stench in the room.”
Trump’s response was, “That’s disgusting. This is my boardroom, it’s not a locker room.”

So grabbing women by their geneital area and kissing them without consent is fine “locker room” talk, but tattling on a man for leaving an odor after relieving himself in the female dressing room, is just too much for Trump to hear?

“It was very interesting,” says Kanellis. “He fired me for making a comment that he considered ‘locker room talk,’ but what he said was much, much worse. Interesting indeed.

“I don’t believe what he said was ‘locker room talk.’ What he said was speaking about an assault on a woman, because he was a celebrity…it’s incredibly disrespectful.”