Could This Safety App Prevent School Shootings?

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School shootings often leave people wondering if anything could have prevented them. Maybe something finally can; a safety app called LiveSafe.

LiveSafe, based in Arlington, Virginia, is a mobile safety communications platform that uses a smartphone app to connect individuals to security and facilities teams.

Founded in 2012, the app was created as a solution for corporations and colleges to solicit tips from employees and students who notice suspicious activity or an emergency. The app is already in use at hospitals, malls, over 100 college campuses, and sports and entertainment arenas.

One of its cofounders, Kristina Anderson, was a multiple gun shot survivor in the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech University.

According to CEO Carolyn Parent, the app presents the “do something” part of the “See something, say something” phrase.

Frederick W. Smith, the founder of Federal Express, obviously likes the promise of this app as he has invested $5.25 million in the tech company and has joined the its board as well.

“LiveSafe helps companies and employees to have a more direct role in safety and security and is without question a significant innovation in the way we look at crowdsourced intelligence gathering,” said Smith, chairman, president and chief executive of FedEx Corp.

“LiveSafe not only allows for safety and security, it empowers employees and potentially helps prevent workplace incidents ranging from violence to misconduct to accidents.”

Disclaimer: We have no position in Federal Express (FDX) and have not been compensated for this article.