Carrie Fisher Regrets Revealing What She Did With Harrison Ford

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Carrie Fisher has made headlines recently for the juicy tidbit she has put into her “Star Wars” Memoir. She reveals she had an affair with co-stair Harrison Ford when filming.

Fisher regrets revealing the information however, as she told Stephen Colbert on the late show that she can’t handle how big the story is.

Colbert asked Carrie Fisher why she chose to reveal she’d had an affair with Harrison Ford while filming Star Wars, and Fisher responded, “I found the diaries and decided to publish them and it was a mistake,” Fisher said.

“It was a mistake, really?” Colbert asked.

“No, but it is too big of a story that I can’t handle,” Fisher replied.

“Can you not handle it or can Harrison Ford not handle it?” Colbert asked. Fisher responded with, “I’m sure he can’t handle it at all.”