Are Brad Pitt And Sandra Bullock Now Dating?

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Well it looks like we can forget Brangelina. We may have to start focusing on Pittbull now.

While Brad Pitt and his soon to be ex-wife Angelina are back on speaking terms, there have been rumors that the “Fight Club” star is dating Sandra Bullock now.

According to a new report, the two have been dating and it was all instigated by George Clooney who mutually knows them both.

An insider told New Idea that, “It was George who set Brad up with Sandy.”

The report reveals that Clooney has been trying to help Pitt move on. The source also says that Clooney thinks Bullock is the best person to help Pitt do so.

“George is determined to help heal Brad’s heart and couldn’t think of anyone better than Sandy. They’re keeping it on the down-low…. George thought that Sandra was the ideal girl for Brad,” the insider said.

“George thought that Sandra was the ideal girl for Brad,” the insider explained.

You know Hollywood. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean its necessarily true. Especially considering that Bullock has been publicly dating photographer Bryan Randall for a year.

According to People, Pitt is currently content with the single life. An insider said, “Old friends are back in his life, and he seems happy about it.”

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock wouldn’t be a bad idea though..