Blac Chyna Runs To Emergency Room After Rob Kardashian Is Checked In

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have had a very turbulent holiday season. It isn’t easy when your baby mama breaks up with you and moves out with your child.

Rob Kardashian has went on a binge eating spree and is was reportedly at the West Hills Medical Center for a health issue.

Kardashian checked himself in on Wednesday night according to sources who told TMZ.

TMZ has reported that the sources said Rob had been stress eating because of his turbulent relationship with baby mama Blac Chyna. His weight gain and related issues triggered diabetes issues.

According to TMZ, both Blac Chyna and his mother Kris Jenner rushed to the emergency room last night after he went into “medical distress.”

Sources only called the issue a “health problem” and wouldn’t be specific about what triggered his ER visit.

As TMZ has reported, he’s suffered from diabetes. So far we don’t know what triggered the ER visit. There is a report out he suffered a mental breakdown but we’re told that is not true. Our sources would only characterize it as a “health problem.”