Bill Clinton Had These Words To Say About Hillary’s Health

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The fact that Hillary Clinton even has to defend herself for being human is a disgrace in itself. As humans we are not immune to all the bugs and germs flying out there, and just because she’s a presidential candidate, doesn’t mean she has super powers that ward off all illnesses.

Hillary Clinton took a stumble at the 9-11 ceremony this weekend and since then, has received a lot of backlash for how poor her health might be. She simply has a diagnosis of pneumonia and instead of resting in bed with chicken soup, she attended an important ceremony for about an hour.

Last night, her husband, former president Bill Clinton, came to her defense on the Charlie Rose show.
Regarding the concerns over Hillary’s health, he said there was “nothing more to know.”

“I have talked to her doctor, who is extremely competent and who has been in touch with all the people who help her, you know, with all other things over the years,” Clinton told Rose on Monday night.

“There is just nothing there. All of her health indicators are good. She’s very strong. She’s exercised a lot. And unlike me, she sleeps well at night. I mean she sleeps long hours, or by my standards anyway.”

“They think everything is a campaign issue,” he told Rose. “I think her lifestyle and her underlying indicators from blood pressure to amount of exercise, to everything else means it’s almost that she is in better health than her opponent. But we don’t know because he hasn’t disclosed.”

That’s right. Donald Trump, the republican candidate for president has yet to disclose any of his medical records.